Our sponsors

The New Zealand Rehabilitation Association acknowledge and thank the sponsors listed below, without whom the Conference would not be possible.

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Silver sponsor | ACC

ACC’s vision is to create a unique partnership with every New Zealander, improving their quality of life by minimising the incidence and impact of injury.

ACC touches the lives of a large number of New Zealanders. The health, rehabilitation and service providers who help people who are injured, the businesses, vehicle owners and workers who contribute to the Scheme, and any New Zealander or visitor to New Zealand who's injured in an accident.

ACC’s role is to make sure that all these groups’ needs are met, and making sure our clients get the right care at the right time, while keeping levies fair and stable.


Silver sponsor | Burwood Academy • Hā-i-mano

Research that matters by people who care
The Burwood Academy delivers research with a knowledge translation focus to improve the lives of people living with the experience of disability.

People with the lived experience of disability (PLEx) are the heart of our organisation. We constantly focus on how our research will lead to real and tangible changes for people, allowing them to live well and flourish across the lifespan.

We create a dynamic space in which PLEx, health professionals, tertiary education institutes and industry leaders link and connect in order to pose questions, challenge conventions and apply innovative thinking, teaching and learning to the science and practice of rehabilitation, and living well with long-term health conditions, or following illness or injury.

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Welcome reception sponsor | Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit

Learn from leaders and innovators at the Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit | Te Whare Whakamātūtūnga at the University of Otago, Wellington to advance rehabilitation services and knowledge. We welcome all professional backgrounds, people with lived experience, and rehabilitation stakeholders to our postgraduate distance-taught programme. Study from anywhere without leaving home.

Our programme offers a balance of broadly applicable (e.g. teamworking, psychological factors in rehabilitation) and specialist knowledge (e.g. neurological, and paediatric rehabilitation). We teach applied skills necessary in today’s fast changing rehabilitation environment, such as service innovation and evaluation. Research options are available too.

We invite you to talk with us here at the 2021 conference or please contact us at:

Email: rtru@otago.ac.nz
Phone: +64 4 385 5591
Web: otago.ac.nz/rehabilitation

NZRA ABI Rehabilitation

Associate sponsor | ABI Rehabilitation

ABI Rehabilitation is the lead provider of inpatient adult TBI rehabilitation in New Zealand. Our Residential Services provide rehabilitation needs for adults with Brain Injuries. ABI Community Rehabilitation services offer specialist clinics, outpatient services/community-based interventions, alongside our community paediatric team who work with parents, schools and children for those with a wide range of injuries and impairments.

Being internationally CARF accredited, we invest in training and research to maintain an international standard of care and practice. We value the strong partnership with AUT’s TBI Network and Centre for Person Centred Research. Our experienced team is constantly innovating, leading and developing across all rehabilitation disciplines.

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Associate sponsor | AIMedical

AIMedical is a leading distributor and wholesaler of neuro-rehabilitation solutions in Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to supporting the latest technological advancements in rehabilitation with a range of cutting-edge devices sourced from leading manufacturers all over the world.

Our neuro-rehabilitation equipment can help treat and manage the following conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, concussion, cerebral palsy, vertigo, muscular dystrophy and traumatic brain injury. Neurological injury can take on many different forms; however, with the help of qualified clinicians, our rehabilitation devices can help improve people’s everyday function and condition


P: +61 8 8294 8664