Presentation formats

The Classic [Oral Presentation]

‘The Classic’ is an oral presentation that will allow the speaker to creatively (and enthusiastically) talk about their mahi. We are asking you to share your insights into rehabilitation practice and research within Aotearoa NZ, and discuss what we can learn from your work. As we are wanting to listen to diverse voices, we don’t just want researchers to submit for these (although they are very welcome too!). At this point we envisage that each presenter will be given approximately 15 minutes* to present. A facilitated question-and-answer session will also follow each group of presentations. A number of our concurrent sessions will be framed around some key inequality realities - inequities that relate to culture, ethnicity, wealth, disability, gender, sexuality and geography, as just some examples. So please consider if your presentation is able to be framed around one of these lenses. Nevertheless, we welcome other topics relevant to the delivery of rehabilitation services in Aotearoa NZ as well.
*subject to change once the programme is curated

Going Deeper [Focused Symposia]

Focused symposia provide a collaborative and interactive forum for cutting edge topics to be explored and debated in more depth. We invite you (i.e., the facilitator) to gather a group of people to stimulate dialogue around rehabilitation practice innovations, research and thinking, as well as debate controversies and lay the foundations for future interactions and initiatives. We encourage you to think about how diverse voices and perspectives could be included within the symposia. You could use the time to explore a topic in a bit more depth, give participants an opportunity to try something out, find out what people think about something you have developed or try out a new interactive or learning approach. The choice is yours – but the workshop should be both practical and interactive (try not to use too many powerpoints!). As submitter, you will chair the session. Each symposium will last for 1 hour, with at least 15 minutes being for questions and discussion within the session.

Visual Nuggets [Interactive Posters]

A poster allows you to share your story visually and to highlight key take-away messages. To ensure that we get an opportunity to develop a shared conversation, we aim for these posters to be interactive. Two interactive poster sessions will take place during the conference. During the first, you will simply need to display your poster and provide an opportunity for attendees (i.e., your peers, support crew and fellow delegates) to leave post-it note comments and questions. During the second session, you will have an opportunity to respond to the comments and questions which have been left by your fellow delegates. Note – you will not need to 'present' your poster, but simply respond to the comments and questions which have been raised. We are particularly keen to have rehabilitation service providers share their successes (and other attempts!) with the NZ rehabilitation community. Posters should be A0 or A1 size and can be either portrait or landscape.

[An encouraging and supportive] Dragons Den

Just like the TV show (but a lot more supportive and low key!). We would like to provide a fun opportunity for people to share their [tentative and emerging] rehabilitation innovation ideas. This might include ideas for practice development, for research, for engagement with end users (and the list goes on). You will get 5 minutes to pitch your ideas with a panel of interested, kind and questioning peoples. We are anticipating that this session will allow people to try out some novel ideas, frame up their plans a bit more …. while at the same time encouraging listeners to think outside the square, see new possibilities and be inspired. Get your blue-skies and green-fields thinking caps on….